Ayurveda Summit 2015
November 9, 2015 – November 16, 2015 all-day America/Chicago Timezone

Ayurveda Summit 2015Evolve on your wellness path and spiritual journey with Ayurveda

Gain access to the best Ayurveda teachers of this ancient healing wisdom, from East and West!

Yoga Teachers, Ayurvedic Practitioners, Doctors and those who want to tap into the deep wisdom of Ayurveda will benefit from this event. Gain access to the best Ayurveda teachers and get the scoop on the modern conversation on this ancient healing wisdom. Furthermore, see the full scope of Ayurveda in the East and the West for yourself and your business, from the root wisdom all the way through the modern application of this knowledge.

This event will provide you with what you need to:

  • Drastically improve your self-care
  • Get your sleep & bodily rhythms back on track
  • Boost your self-confidence
  • Lower stress & anxiety
  • Navigate your relationships with ease
  • Dramatically slow the aging process
  • Learn proven secrets from Ayurveda you can apply to your life right now
  • Grow your Ayurveda & Yoga business
  • And much more!


You want the wisdom of Ayurveda with you at all times. From self-care to kitchen tips, yoga and meditation secrets, and herbal tips and tricks, The Ayurveda Summit can wonderfully change your life.

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