BodyTalk & Access Your Business (and Life) to Success
March 3, 2015 @ 8:15 PM – 9:30 PM America/Chicago Timezone

As the old saying goes, our businesses are our children, and just like our children, our businesses, and are a byproduct of our thoughts, feelings, emotions and judgments.

Additionally, our businesses have their own energetic field, and as we know through holisitic medicine, dis-ease, as well as wellness and bliss start as a spiritual thought, which is manifested into our emotional-mental reality which we then pull into the physical.

This program helps in releasing the various thoughts, feelings, emotions and judgments (via Access Consciousness tools) that no longer serve you or your business, while also helping to relink the communication systems (via BodyTalk) of you and your business to help promote optimum health, well being and prosperity.

To sign-up, email Kristen Scanlon at

This program runs weekly through the month on Tuesdays with 3 phone calls (though the BodyTalk will be run even on the off week for the group). Can’t make a call one week? That’s OK — Kristen will email you the phone call recording so you can listen later… and just so you know, you are still included in the BodyTalk part as you are part of the group (and it’s intelligent like that!)

Exchange: $80 for the month

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