BodyTalk Your Business to Success – Support Call & Wellness Protocols
April 21, 2015 @ 8:15 PM – 9:30 PM America/Chicago Timezone
BodyTalk Your Business to Success - Support Call & Wellness Protocols 1

This weeks theme: “What if we had everything… now?”

As the old saying goes, our businesses are our children, and just like our children, our businesses are a byproduct of our thoughts, feelings, emotions and judgments.

Additionally, our businesses have their own energetic field, and as we know through holisitic medicine, dis-ease, as well as wellness and bliss start as a spiritual thought, which is manifested into our emotional-mental reality which we then pull into the physical.

This program helps in releasing the various thoughts, feelings, emotions and judgments (via Access Consciousness tools) that no longer serve you or your business, while also helping to relink the communication systems (via BodyTalk) of you and your business to help promote optimum health, well being and prosperity.

Option 1: Conference Call with Access Consciousness Processes & BodyTalk Therapy for your Business

The Conference Call version of the BTYBTS is approximately 75 minutes in length. The first 60 minutes of the call is working with Access Consciousness Tools to help shift various, often limiting, thoughts, feelings, emotions and judgements that we have held onto that limit our potential in being prosperous in business. This part of the call will help you to find where your limiting beliefs are, and challenge them. It helps you to confront those negative thought “demons” that limit your income potential and continuous success, and send them back from once they came, and allow you to reach new potentials that you truly desire. Are you ready?

Next, the last 15 minutes or so of the call are dedicated to the BodyTalk therapy for the group business consciousness that is formed with everyone in the group. Kristen muscle tests through the BodyTalk Protocols to find out the priorities and where things needs to be re-linked, creating a “formula” to guide towards optimal performance.

Notes: The Conference call happens 3 times each month, though, the BodyTalk portion happens each week. If you miss a conference call, just request the recording and it will be emailed to you. Additionally, we only allow a maximum of 8 businesses within the call each week. If this is full, then please subscribe to the BodyTalk-only portion below.

Option 2: BodyTalk-only Therapy for your Business

The BodyTalk-only segment you are not included on the call which deals with the Access Consciousness Tools, instead you are included during the muscle testing portion to find out what needs to be re-linked within the group business consciousness to allow for optimal well being of all the businesses included. At the end of each session you will receive an email outlining the “formula” which was used.

More information, or to signup:

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