Fear holding you Back? What if you could release that with ease? March Special

Fear holding you Back? What if you could release that with ease? March Special 3March is all about prosperity and abundance. Let’s start making that happen!

Fear is one of the biggest things that hold us back from being the prosperity and abundance we were truly meant to be, so this month we are offering the “Esogetics Love Disk Fear protocol” and 30-minute Access Consciousness Bars session for $20/each.

Are you ready for the next step of honoring and empowering the infinite you?


Your options:

  • Esogetics™ Love Disk Fear Protocol
    The Esogetics Love Disk is centered over the “Kidney Poles” for 5 minutes each, then 5 minutes on the Pain Clock. This therapy is also really awesome for those suffering from Sinus Congestion.
  • Access Consciousness Bars
    Utilizing 32-points on the skull to help release the bio-resonance of limiting thoughts, feelings, emotions, judgments and more allowing you to choose more for you. Processes are individualized and will center around clearings from “Being you with Money” as well as other processes around abundance and prosperity.
  • Esogetics™ Grey & Polarity Crystal “Original Human Fears” and Rune Balancing Protocol
    This Esogetics protocol from the 2011 Esogetics Colorpuncture Advanced Symbol Seminar utilizes the somatotopy of the skull to assist in releasing the “original human fears” of coming into this life and regrounds a person through the use of the Esogetics Polarity (Gold & Silver) crystals. At the end of this protocol, we will do a Rune Bioresonance Balancing therapy over 7 centers of the body.


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