Feeling Stuck? Is it You or Your Home? with Annette Rugolo
May 17, 2015 @ 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM America/Chicago Timezone
St. Cloud River's Edge Convention Center
10 4th Avenue South
Saint Cloud, MN 56301
Feeling Stuck? Is it You or Your Home? with Annette Rugolo @ St. Cloud River's Edge Convention Center | Saint Cloud | Minnesota | United States

When it comes to your business or your health, do you feel like you’re pushing boulders uphill? Do you wake up feeling tired? Do you start your day energized and are exhausted by noon? Have you attended seminars to feel rejuvenated only to lose it all when you come home? Do you know that your home affects 33 percent of the Law of Attraction?

Billions of dollars are spent on self-improvement in the United States alone. Money is spent on books and education, seminars, physical fitness, supplements and everything in order to have a more successful life. And at some point, after all of the time, money and energy you invest, there is a feeling something is still missing; a sense that something is holding you back.

What would it be like if you could stop searching for what you need to have a more vibrant and healthy and successful life? What if you could move forward with ease and feel supported in your work by changing the energy of your home?

Annette Rugolo, Master Diamond Dowser, has been transforming people’s homes, lives and careers since 2006. Her clear, fresh and informative approach will help you understand the powerful impact the energy of your home has on your life and career … both positively and negatively. She will help you see your home from an energetic point of view and you will understand the experiences you and your family have in your home. And more importantly what you can do about it! Attend this session and learn what you can do to gain access to another 33 percent of support for your goals and dreams.

ANNETTE RUGOLO is an international speaker, teacher and consultant for clients and students in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. Her unique mission is to provide resources that become springboards for quantum leaps in both the personal and professional lives of those she connects with. Annette began teaching transformational seminars in 1999 and continued her teaching career with Marie Diamond Global in 2002, becoming one of the companies Master Teachers of the Inner Diamond Meditation and Diamond Dowsing programs. She has personally trained students in over 20 countries. After holding the position of Vice President of Marie Diamond Global from 2007-2012, Annette established her own company, Conscious Life Resources, to bring conscious resources through new channels. As a mother and step-mother to six children and a grandmother of eight, she has been able to support her family with her knowledge of dowsing and her ability to transform energy. For more information on Annette, visit www.consciousliferesources.com.

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