Oneness Blessing | Illumination

Oneness Blessing | Illumination
Date: July 7, 2018
Time: 11am-12pm

We invite the sacred light of Divine to illuminate all aspects of our being and return us to our natural state of oneness with all that is. Experience a beautiful guided meditation and blessings that will shine light on all aspects of your life that need awareness and illumination. 
Spiritual technology of the Oneness Blessing quiets the mind and raises consciousness through a neuro-biological shift; allowing for one to be in an open place to connect and receive insights directly from your Higher-Self.
Learn how the Oneness Phenomenon presence found it’s way to Minneapolis and is positively transforming the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world. You will be guided through a meditation and receive the Oneness Blessing from IntraAwareness Certified Oneness Blessing Givers. 
Open to all ages! 
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Phone: 612.930.2662

Contact: Leah Somerville

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