OnenessNLP™ 101 Certificate Course
October 13, 2017 – October 15, 2017 all-day America/Chicago Timezone
OnenessNLP™ 101 Certificate Course 1

OnenessNLP™ 101 Certificate Course
October 13-15, 2017

Time: 9:30am-6:30pm
Come and be immersed in the transformational energies of healing consciousness through our NLP 101 Certificate Course covering the basic fundamentals of NLP techniques and how to begin applying them immediately to your life.

Over the course of this insightful 3-day weekend, we will dive into how to improve and develop communication skills with our personal relationships, loved ones, co-workers, clients and peers. NLP will empower you to recognize and enhance your personal power and professional value. Learn to become a more effective leader, role-model, and make every outcome an attainable reality. Experience the benefits of NLP, explore its history, develop and apply the fundamental skills of NLP directly to your life.
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Phone: 612.930.2662

Contact: Jeremiah Rangel

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