Shamanic Journeying Monthly series | Preparing for the Solstice

Shamanic Journeying Monthly Class | Solstice Ceremony
June 2, 2018
Time: 12:30pm-1:30pm

As Mother Earth welcomes a new season full of abundance we gather together to set new intentions for this fruitful time of year. You will receive powerful pre-solstice blessings and be lead on a unique journey to the inner garden of your soul, where amazing new resources await you. 
*This is a part of a Monthly Shamanic Journeying, which takes place with participants lying comfortably on the floor with their hands and hearts open to the sky. Yoga mats, pillows & blankets provided, but feel free to bring your own as well.

Phone: 612.930.2662

Contact: Leah Somerville

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