Soul Breathing Breath Mastery Seminar
April 23, 2016 – April 24, 2016 all-day America/Chicago Timezone
Aslan Institute
4141 Old Sibley Memorial Hwy
Eagan, MN 55122

April 23 & 24
Soul Breathing Breath Mastery Seminar

Experience 2 days of Heart Healing, Energy Activation & Soul Integration through the power of breath with certified facilitator Terri Peterson. A full, flowing breath expands your consciousness & strengthens your foundation of well-being. Master your Breath, Master your Life! At Aslan Institute, Eagan, MN. More info: or 651.442.4623.

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Breath Mastery Seminar, Lv 1: I Love to BREATHE with Breath Expert and Facilitator Terri Peterson, RPh, SBF, TBF

April 23 & 24, 2016
Aslan Institute
4141 Old Sibley Memorial Hwy,
Eagan, MN 55122

Breath Mastery Seminar: I Love to Breathe will be offered the weekend of April 23 & 24, 2016 at the Aslan Institute in Eagan, Minnesota with breath expert and facilitator, Terri Peterson.

Breath Mastery leads to Life Mastery. As you begin to master your breath, you will start to shift the things in your life that you’ve been working on. It will bring a new flow to those stuck areas and give you clarity. Your new breath pattern will help you shift with ease and you will start to notice more balance and joy in your life.

This seminar takes you deeper into the Soul Breathing™ modality and people say it is life-changing. In this weekend course you will experience four breath sessions over the course of the 2 days and much more. Terri will work with your individual breath pattern, wherever it’s at, and help your body remember how it was designed to breathe. You will begin to open up your breath more fully and find it’s natural rhythm. There will be processes and activities between breath sessions to help assist you in your personal transformation.

You will shift your physical body. Deep Conscious Breathing will help you relax and relieve stress. It will bring more oxygen into your cells and stimulate your lymphatic system. This will help you detox, give you more energy & vitality and even help decrease your signs of aging. The prana that rides along with the breath will give your body exactly what is needed for better over-all health and well-being. It can even re-pattern your DNA.

You will shift your emotional and mental states. Soul Breathing works at a deep cellular level to clear energetic patterns and blocks by raising your level of vibration. As you master your breath, you will begin to permanently hold a higher level of vibration at all times. As you vibrate from this new place, it will allow you to let go of old patterns (mental & emotional) that no longer serve you. It will help you help attract more of what you want in your life, creating more ease, balance, abundance and happiness.

You will shift spiritually. Soul Breathing will help you go inward and connect to a deeper part of yourself. As you breathe, you will anchor your soul more fully into your body which will allow you to live from the level of your Soul. You will become more of your authentic self and start to live your soul purpose.

By the end of the weekend course, you will truly be different. You will have new tools that will help you in all areas of your life. Life will become easier and you will find more joy in your everyday living.

Register early. Space is limited to 8 participants.

Change your Breath, Change your Life!

Eliminate Restrictive Breathing Patterns / Release Old Emotions
Clear the Subconscious Mind / Connect More Fully with Your Higher Self
April 23 & 24, 2016

Aslan Institute
4141 Old Sibley Memorial Hwy
Eagan, MN 55122
Tuition: Two Day Seminar – $395 Early-Bird: $365 (by April 7th or w/ workshop)

Register Early! Class size is limited.
Saturday only option – space permitting
Prior Soul Breathing experience is highly recommended*
The Earth is changing. We are changing. It’s an amazing and important time to breathe!

In this seminar you will…

Experience the transformational power of your breath
Clear old emotional imprints at a cellular level
Release self-limiting beliefs
Heal yourself with your eternal life force
Raise your vibration to shift out of fear and into love
Connect to Spirit and higher states of conscious awareness
Integrate your Soul more fully into your body
Feel more present, joyful and free
Approximate Weekend Schedule:
Saturday & Sunday – 9 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. both days
Sign in/registration starts Saturday @ 8:45 a.m.

Lunch: approximately 60 minutes each day. (Bring a bag lunch or go out on your own.)
Snacks breaks between breath sessions. (Water & snacks provided.)

Seminar Includes:

Four Soul Breathing sessions
Chakra toning to “tune up” your light body
Healing Sounds that activates Mind Body Spirit integration
Pathways to move from ‘resistance to freedom’
Learn how to ‘feel’ your stuck emotions and release them
Processes to be free of old mental patterns
Skills for Self- Breath Sessions
Tools for Self-Mastery
Bring: Mat, 2 blankets & 2 pillows for your breathing comfort. Wear comfortable clothing.

More info/Questions: or Terri at or call 651-442-4623

To Register:

* Intro workshop to be offered April 11 & April 22. Only $35 w/seminar. (As stand alone $60/$50 in adv.) Private sessions available by appointment.

What others are saying:

…I don’t often stumble on things that take me completely by surprise. And your Breath Mastery seminar did. I came in with curiosity, maybe a little apprehension, and a strong commitment. I left in a state of high energy and stunned amazement at what showed up. You have put together a really well constructed and effective seminar. Thank you.

…Soul Breathing is the most meaningful enrichment I’ve participated in a long time. You do a great job teaching, facilitating, and supporting. Thank you. I’ve known for some time that breathing was something I was going to have to tackle – eventually. I feel really blessed to have crossed your path.

…This seminar is one of the few that lives up to the claim of being truly transformational. I experienced tremendous shifts and an increase in confidence as well as and eagerness to move forward.

…I liked the way Terri beautifully and masterfully orchestrated the entire weekend. The seminar left me more inspired and dedicated to integrate the practices of breathing and breath awareness into my life. I am now more aware of the times I’m holding my breath, and I make adjustments throughout the day. The combinations of teachings, individual work and paired work, along with the perfect music to breathe to, I felt guided skillfully to the next level of living from the truth of who I am. In short, I’m more awake to my unconscious patterns and thus more free. This has been a perfect tool and practice in my awakening process. I have much gratitude for you as a guide to assist me in this growth and unfoldment process, in a way that I know will be so helpful for me as time rolls on. Thank you.

…Although I have been a workshop junkie for some thirty-five years, something about Terri’s “I Love to Breathe,” weekend called to me and wouldn’t stop calling until I signed up for the two daySoul Breathing training. Am I ever glad I did! Terri teaches an elegantly simple breathing technique, which proved to be a powerful and empowering way to release old blocks on all levels–physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic–and to open to greater health, happiness, and healing. Thank you, Terri, for your willingness to serve as a guardian angel in teaching and facilitating this valuable process!

…Your seminar helped me find more out about myself and what I truly want out of life. It helped me start to release emotions I was holding onto from my past. I liked everything about the Breath Mastery Seminar but particularly finding out what emotions and feelings really are and beginning to release them from the body.

…This seminar exceeded my expectations. I was amazed at how many tears and how much pain I released. I experienced healing. I was amazed how my body responded to the breath.

…Soul Breathing is one of the most powerful tools I’ve come across in my long journey for shifting my states of consciousness and awareness – instantly!

…I so appreciate the day yesterday and am still processing. Soul Breathing is important work for me and I am grateful to be doing it in an atmosphere of safety and skillful facilitation. Terri, you are gifted and as you know, I have told many of my friends about this healing breathwork you offer and the transformation that comes from it.

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