Below find some additional useful tips for using the site, creating your listing, etc. Remember to make your business listing(s) as complete as possible as these fields are setup to be easily read by search engines, etc, and feel to to put as much information into the Description as possible (as this helps people to find you via search engines). Don’t know what to write today, or don’t have that much to write today? That’s OK, you can always come back and update your listing(s), which is always a good idea.



Why only $8 per year?

Partially because it’s a pretty affordable option for most small businesses, though more so, 8 is a very awesome number in numerology when it comes to business. Additionally, we realize there are a half million other online directory sites, and as a small business owner, you’re just not sure which ones to be listed on, and which ones are effective. Also, as a smart business owner, we know that you want to diversify where you are advertising yourself; online, local print magazines like Natural Awakenings Twin Cities, as well as local community newspapers like the Park Bugle, just to name a few.



What is the +Social Quick Start and +Social Extended?

The +Social levels are paying for additional advertising via Facebook (and possible other online venues in the future) for your listing. The Quick Start level will run the ads for 30 days, helping to give you a quick boost of attention to the local area. The Extended level runs for 90 days, and while giving you that quick attention you want, runs for a longer time to help give you sustained attention. We manual configure the ads, then watch the ads closely to make sure they are performing. We specifically target people within the Twin Cities Metro area who are interested in what YOU do. Unfortunately, we cannot guaranty that any of them will contact you, though from our test runs that we have done for our own businesses, we have found that it is well worth the investment.

What if you want to spend more in online advertising dollars?

Please contact us directly.

Things don’t add up? There’s $20 missing from the $8/year listing and advertising dollars being utilized.

To create/configure and monitor the ads we charge a $20 fee to do this. This is a huge discount compared to what we would normally charge for this service ($125/billable hour), though seeing the online ads are being directed to your business profile on the TCHealers.com Directory site, we view the fee reduction as a trade-off for helping to increase the traffic to the site which helps everyone in the community.

Will I get a report at the end of the time period?

Part of the cost savings for the fee reduction means that we do not manually create a report for you on the ad performances, but you can view how your listing on our site has been doing. How you do this is by logging into your account which will direct you to the “My Account” page. From there, go to “My Website Listing”, select the listing you want to see, then click the “Edit this Listing” button”, and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page (it might take a little bit to calculate and draw the graph) and you will see the Unique Visitors and Visitors over the last 30 days.


Shortcode Embeds

Shortcodes allow you to easily and safely embed media from other places in your site. With just one simple code, you can tell WordPress to embed YouTube, Flickr, and other media.

Enter a shortcode directly into the Post/Page editor to embed media. For specific instructions follow the links below.


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