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Good Day!  Did you know most dis-ease today is due to INFLAMMATION and too much ACID in the body? (High blood pressure, GOUT, Diabetes, etc) We are MADE of water (75%) and the right kind of water can help our bodies heal themselves….All water is NOT created equal.  Tap water is full of chlorine to bring the ph up so it won’t rust the pipes, and bottled water is acidic plus the chemicals used to make the bottles leach into the water and we drink that, contributing to even MORE acidity in our bodies.   I am sharing this water with people who truly want to change their lives as it has changed mine.  This is  a 40 year old certified MEDICAL DEVICE from Japan AND an ECO-Friendly way to live, in that it eliminates plastic and chemical cleaners forever, therefore maintaining the health of our Planet. Try it for 3 weeks and see for yourself, love and light!

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Benefits of Salt Lamps