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Are you looking for an integrated bodywork session that treats the body as a whole?

Would you like to be rocked, pressed, stretched, and opened up in a way that reconnects you with  not only your body, but the life force that courses through it?

You might be in luck.


Thai Yoga Bodywork

What is it?

     Nuat Boran (Traditional Thai Bodywork) is an ancient healing art that incorporates acupressure, rocking, tapping, stretching, mobility training, and guided breathing to stimulate cardiovascular, lymphatic, and chi circulation.  This traditional series of techniques is designed to disperse stagnation and harmonize the body mind, while increasing flexibility, joint mobility, and the body’s innate abilities to detoxify and regenerate.
Where does it come from?


     Originally developed over 2500 years ago by a physician in India, and evolved with monks in preparing each other for long periods of meditation, it was adapted in Thailand among the fisher and farmer populations, to stay well among such repetitive work loads.  This ancient form of energy and bodywork has evolved over the centuries with other oriental medicines, and has made it’s way into homes and healing practices around the world.
What to expect?

     Arrive to your session in loose comfortable clothes (yoga clothes or sweat pants and a t-shirt), as Thai Bodywork is done fully dressed without the use of oils.  The session is practiced on a floor mat for optimum mobility. The first half of the session is generally spent warming up the body with rhythmic palm compression, rocking, and acupressure applications along the Sen Lines (similar to the meridian system in Traditional Chinese Medicine.)  With the body warmed up, and the energy channels stimulated, we follow up with sequences of stretches and range-of-motion explorations, not only to increase flexibility, but to disperse stagnation that builds up in the various circulatory systems of the body, from our modern repetitive lifestyles, stress, and trauma.  Throughout the session, tapping and rocking are used frequently to disperse stagnation, settle the body into it’s natural alignment, help the muscles relax, and because it feels really, really good.  Longer sessions may also include thai abdominal massage, and relaxation techniques about the head, face, and neck.

What is Everyday Sacred?
          Jason Bliss has been practicing Thai Yoga Bodywork for over a decade, as well as aromatherapy, classes in food preparation, and whole foods catering. He believes in the value of bringing the sacred into everyday life by the simple choices we make in how we take care of ourselves and each other, and what we offer back to the world.
Jason is currently offering Thai Bodywork sessions at Pilates Underground, in Uptown Minneapolis.

Give yourself, or a loved one, the treat of this unique and profound therapy!
Offering sessions: 
– 60 min – $75
   – 90 min – $100
   – 2 hours – $120
   – 3 hours – $160
* 2 hrs is standard for a full Thai session, and includes abdominal work.
*3 hr sessions are great for active individuals who like lots of stretching!
* 60 minute sessions are ideal for weekly visits to focus on specific issues.
* House calls will include an additional travel fee, depending on location.


Discounts available!
     – Buy a bundle and save!- 5 Sessions for the price of 4!
(* sessions are transferable – treat a friend!)
Online scheduling
Everyday Sacred is operating at Pilates Underground, 
2538 Hennepin Ave S, Minneapolis, 55405, Lower Level
(same building as Soho Cafe and Isles Dental)

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