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Thai Yoga Bodywork


What is it?

Traditional Thai Massage is an ancient healing art that incorporates thumb and palm pressure, rocking, tapping, stretching, and guided breathing to stimulate energy flow throughout the body, soften muscle tissue, enhance cardiovascular and lymphatic circulation, break up facial adhesion and innervate parts of the body that need attention.   This traditional series of techniques is used to disperse stagnation and harmonize the body-mind, while increasing flexibility, joint mobility, and the body’s innate abilities to detoxify and regenerate.
Where does it come from?

 Having roots leading back over 2500 years ago, to India, it traveled and evolved with monks, preparing each other for long periods of meditation. It was adapted in Thailand among the fisher and farmer populations and has evolved into one of the 5 primary branches of Thai Medicine. This ancient form of bodywork has evolved over the centuries with other oriental medicines and has made its way into homes and healing practices around the world.

What to expect?


     Arrive to your session in loose comfortable clothes (yoga clothes, or sweatpants and a t-shirt), as Thai Bodywork is done fully dressed without the use of oils.  The session is practiced on a floor mat for optimum mobility. The first half of the session is generally spent warming up the body with rhythmic palm and thumb pressure along the Sen Lines of the body (energy pathways that follow fascial tissue, blood vessels, and nerve channels.)  With the body warmed up, and the energy channels stimulated, we follow up with sequences of stretches and range-of-motion explorations, which serve to increase flexibility, but also to disperse stagnation that builds up in the various circulatory systems of the body, from our modern repetitive lifestyles, stress, and trauma.  Throughout the session, tapping and rocking are used frequently to disperse stagnation, settle the body into its natural alignment, help the muscles relax, and because it feels really, really good.  Longer sessions may also include Thai abdominal massage, and relaxation techniques about the head, face, and neck.


What is Everyday Sacred?
          Jason Bliss has been practicing Thai Yoga Bodywork since 2004, alongside aromatherapy, whole foods catering, and teaching classes in food preparation. He believes in the value of bringing the sacred into everyday life by the simple choices we make in how we take care of ourselves and each other, and what we offer back to the world.
Jason is currently offering Thai Bodywork sessions at his home studio, in Robbinsdale, MN.


Give yourself, or a loved one, the treat of this unique and profound therapy!
Sliding Scale Rates:
1 hr – $55-90
1.5 hr – $80-135
2 hr – $100-180
3 hr – $130-$240
*House calls – $75-$95/hr
*1 hr sessions are deal for weekly/bi-monthly visits to focus on specific issues.
*1.5 hr sessions are suitable for regular therapeutic visits, or occasional full body tune-ups.
*2 hrs is a standard full-body Thai session.
*3 hrs is great for active individuals who like lots of stretching, or those who need deep restorative work.
I offer a sliding scale because I want to widen the margin of who feels that they can afford bodywork. I acknowledge that our world is not one of fundamental economic equality.  The average going rate for bodywork therapies in the Twin Cities is somewhere around $75/hr.  For those that regularly pay $80/hr for massage, and can do so without financial stress, $80/hr is an appropriate amount to pay.  For some others, however, that just isn’t feasible.  For that person, less would be appropriate. For persons who feel that they would benefit from having regular short sessions with me, to alleviate a chronic symptom or restore from an injury, I also offer lower rates with the up-front purchase of multiple sessions.  I bring the same quality of work and attention to every session.  With a home-based practice, I’ve lowered my overhead from when I was renting a studio. The desire to offer a sliding scale is one of the principal reasons that I’ve chosen to move my practice in home. The rate flexibility is not reflective of quality or value of my work.  If this is still confusing for you, and you don’t want to think of how much is best for you to pay, $75/hr is a good average.
*I do however hold to a $40/hr late cancellation fee, for no-shows, 
and reschedules made with less than 24-hr notice.
– Thank you



Discounts available!
     – Buy a bundle and save!- 5 Sessions for the price of 4!
(* sessions are transferable – treat a friend!)

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Sessions are offered in Robbinsdale, MN
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*House calls available upon request

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