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RiverStone Wellness

2235 Luther Pl, St Paul, MN 55108, USA


RiverStone Wellness

Yoga is for everyone. Improve your quality of life with yoga from RiverStones Wellness through yoga therapy, energy healing, and yoga practice. Enjoy more freedom of movement. Improve energy.  Reduce stress. Increase vitality.  Restore balance.

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Each of us experiences a unique physical and spiritual journey through life, so it stands to reason that each of us would experience a unique pathway to healing. Just as there are many causes of dis-ease, every day more and more people are learning that there are many pathways to reaching optimal healing and wholeness. Though many individuals are experiencing the benefits of yoga and alternative healing modalities, very few centers offer a variety of healing practices, especially yoga therapy, in one centrally located, convenient location. At RiverStones Wellness, high-quality, experienced, compassionate providers offer a broad range of services and wellness activities to promote healthy living.

We offer self-directed, natural solutions to manage the symptoms of stress that manifest as chronic pain, musculoskeletal issues, limited mobility, chemical addiction, anxiety and depression. Yoga therapy, massage therapy, and Ayurveda/nutrition classes offer individuals effective and holistic options to promote healing.


Yoga Classes

  • Soma Yoga is a gentle yoga that combines somatics, a neuromuscular retraining of the pathways to the brain, with mind/body philosophy and the practice of yoga. It involves slow gentle movements to facilitate the release of involuntary, habitual muscle patterns. It helps to relieve chronic tension that can lead to muscle and joint problems. SomaYoga practice can lead to improved posture, freedom of movement, greater energy and overall wellbeing.
  • Vinyasa Yoga is breath-synchronized movement. In Vinyasa flow yoga the movements flow smoothly in a series poses that will move you through the power of inhaling and exhaling.
  • Kripalu Yoga is like most yoga styles and traditions that use classic asana and pranayama or breathwork for the development of a quiet mind, and the practice of relaxation. Kripalu Yoga emphasizes: following the flow of prana (life-force energy), practicing compassionate self-acceptance, developing witness consciousness (observing the activity of the mind without judgment), and taking what is learned “off the mat” and into daily life. Kripalu Yoga is designed to adapt to all body types, ages, fitness levels, and interests.
  • Yin Yoga is a slow paced style of yoga in which poses are held for longer periods of time. The goal in these classes is to target the connective tissues that normally are not exercised very much in everyday active life, helping them to relax and lengthen.
  • Restorative Yoga classes offer ways to relax and quiet the body using props and supports. Passive reclining postures dominate in this practice, the goal is total body relaxation.


Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy employs the mind/body practices of yoga (from postural and breathing exercises to relaxation and meditation) to facilitate healing in an individual. Research has shown that yoga is effective in addressing musculoskeletal disorders, cardiovascular disease and depression. Yoga therapy is particularly appropriate for many chronic conditions that elude conventional medical treatment. Yoga therapy empowers individuals to find balance and wholeness, leading to healing.


Energy Healing

Energy healing is a deeply relaxing technique that taps into the body’s energy system to promote for the body’s natural healing process. It facilitates the natural and balanced flow of personal energy, which is beneficial in promoting, and, RiverStones would argue, necessary for encouraging, healing to occur. Marnie employs various Energy Healing techniques through either Healing Touch or Reiki.


Private Yoga Classes

For your convenience, yoga classes are available in your professional setting. When life gets busy the last thing you want to do is neglect your health. Customized focus and pricing available.



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