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Shamanic Healing and Spiritual Awakening Services

With the wisdom and strength of a Shaman and the tenderness and compassion of an angel, Kimberly masterfully orchestrates a safe and loving space for deep healing and spiritual awakening. She provides each client with empowering tools and insights through a wide range of services. These journeys facilitate profound and lasting shifts that enable one’s radiance to shine through, positively affecting all areas of life. Whether you are in need of core transformational healing, seeking to accelerate your spiritual awakening, calling for tools to improve your relationships, seeking resources in enhance your health, curious about Shamanic tools or just peaceful rejuvenation, you have found the right place and Shamangelic Healing with Kimberly can help.

Shamangelic Healing Journey

The journey of transformational empowerment offers a safe & nurturing space to experience multidimensional core shifts in awareness and perspective. Kimberly utilizes a combination of Shamanic tools, energy healing techniques, guided visualizations and clairvoyant spirit guidance to orchestrate the healing and activation most pertinent to you at this time. This is an insightful and powerful journey inward that empowers you to release your fears, love with your heart, reconnect to your Divinity and reclaim your power.

Chakra Clearing, Alignment & Expansion (90 minutes)

chakra-bodyTake a walk through the chakras and explore the themes and issues associated with each energy center. As you relax, enjoy a comprehensive attunement of each chakra, clearing and activating the energy stored within.  Utilizes guided imagery, healing energy tools, essential oils, crystals and vibrational sound to clear and align the chakra light body.



Tools for Healthy Conscious Partnerships (2hours)


holding-handsHealing Deep Wounds & Reclaiming Your Power (2hours)

empowermentEverything in this life happens FOR you, not TO you.  Our life experiences shape our character, path and core truth. IF you are ready to journey into the depths of the your experiences, surrender into the emotion, elevate your perspective, reclaim your power and once and for all rewrite an empowered authentic soulful version of yourself and others, then this session is for you.  You WILL emerge lighter brighter and clearer than ever beforeLearn keys to maintaining healthy romantic partnerships. In order to maintain healthy conscious relationships it is vital to learn new principles and practices based on unconditional love, respect, accountability, sovereignty, clear agreements, compassion and expansion. The old paradigm, laden with codependency, avoidance, conflict, blame, control and fear is becoming obsolete. In this session we will explore the unconscious patterns that create conflict and learn valuable new tools and concepts to bring about a new level of consciousness in relating to your sweetheart


Clear Boundaries-Maintaining Your Energy (1 ½ hours)


clear-boundariesShamanic Breathwork Clearing & Activation (2 Hours)

breathworkDeep Shamanic breathing has been found to facilitate profound emotional releases, open new channels of awareness and clear toxicity in the body. This sacred journey incorporates guided visualization, holotropic breathwork, vibrational sound, soulful music, energy healing, Shamanic tools, crystal therapy and light body expansion techniques to facilitate a personal Sacred Journey into the depths of your own soul anDo you feel HEAVY and DEPLETED after certain interactions with loved ones, family, clients, friends, co-workers or strangers? With so much stress, frenetic energy, fear, worry, chaos, and intense emotion circling in our environment, it is common to feel overwhelmed and heavy.  In this session, understand how to maintain sovereignty and centeredness while seeing clearly what belongs to you and what doesn’t. Learn tools for keeping your compassionate heart open and energy clear in dense situations.

Opening to Self-Love (2 hours)

lamloveIt is time to embrace the ability to love ourselves.  In searching for love, nurturing and support outside ourselves from others, we often feel neglected, resentful, misunderstood and depleted.  Too often we are so willing to give to others, but withhold that love from ourselves.  In this session we replace unworthiness, guilt, imbalance and frustration with self-respect, devotional listening, tender nurturing and a deeper love and understanding for our own needs, value and soul nourishment. The heart expands, fills up and brings harmony and balance to what authentic unconditional love really is.



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