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Whole Life Transformation

New way of Living in Optimal Health, Conscious Wealth, and Happiness, Effortlessly!

Eila believes in a personal growth philosophy that harmonizes the best of both Ancient Wisdom and cutting edge Sciences in a transformational, yet doable approach. Eila comes from Finland, where she had her formal education in Engineering, Physics and Chemistry. After moving to USA she studied Natural Health, Quantum Physics applications and consciousness/spirituality related subjects. Would you like to:

  • Eliminate/Reduce stress, anxiety, fear, depression, addictions and self-limiting beliefs
  • Move from Chronic Fatigue, Low Energy to peak performance. Fall asleep quicker, stay longer in a deeper sleep state
  • Regain your optimal weight and STAY fit and vibrant without struggle
  • Eliminate or reduce physical/mental pain, accelerate healing, Rejuvenate


Here are the main modalities Eila provides:

  1. PTSD NEURO KINESIS Intervention: This technique is based on brain research and was developed primarily for the military and has shown to be reliably effective with PTSD and PTSD symptoms.
  2. HIGHER BRAIN LIVING®-program that also utilizes new discoveries in the human brain. It allows you to make radical changes in every area of your life –quickly and without struggle.
  3. ELECTRO EQUISCOPE™, Non-drug, non-invasive, pain-free procedure for acute/chronic pains and various health conditions. Also enhances sleep, detoxifies, relaxes and elevates mood by increasing endorphin (feel-good hormone) production.
  4. RECONNECTIVE HEALING® & RECONNECTION®: Energy healing with no physical contacts on the client.
  5. NUTRITIONAL & LIFE ENHANCEMENT COACHING: Eila has B.SC in Holistic Nutrition. In addition to nutritional guidance she helps person to create new habits & processes to gain optimal weight & health and sustain it.


Eila would like to provide you with tools you need to discover your dormant powers to access mostly untapped potential to
radically change your life effortlessly! But maybe your first concern at this time is simply reducing physical/mental pain – no matter where you come from, what you’ve been through, or what circumstances you find yourself in now – ThrivingLives has solutions!

Contact Eila for info or to book your free BREAK-THROUGH session at 952-380-7543 or

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