Twin Cities, MN


Everyone is welcome here, whether you are an experienced healer/worker or just curious and want to learn more.

You will find that this group isn’t all “Light and Fluff” nor is it all “Dark and Dirty” …instead, it is a mixture of all the colors, creating the grey in-between all the colors, contributed to by all the frequencies, and in doing this, you allow for a much more potent and powerful transformation. We also look at the metaphysical things… and work on bringing them into a scientific or “real-world” basis and application.

This is a collaborative group which means it belongs to YOU, the members. Your participation is encouraged, at whatever level feels comfortable to you. Please join in our discussions, post to our message board, ask questions, offer barters, add to the calendar, suggest events or topics.

Each of us has our own path to follow, though the journey is a lot more exciting and fulfilling when we have others to share it with!

We are glad you are here!

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