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Psinergy Natural Health & Holistic Wellness

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We're Featured in the October 2014 Natural Awakenings Twin Cities magazine "Psinergy: Health for People and the Computers They Use". Read it today and tell us what you think!



•  Esogetics Holistic Therapies & Colorpuncture  •  BodyTalk Access  •

Access Bars  • Ayurvedic Medicine Principles & Herbs •

•  Complex Homeopathy • ReikiTarot & Tea Leaf Readings


We specialize in helping you access your Awesomeness and helping those who want to stay healthy, become truly healthy, or who are struggle with mountains of stress... Naturally.

Through the use of a wide range of well defined natural wellness tools
and therapies customized for you, we make holistic health easy and understandable. Our goal is not only to help bring you back into balance, but to also educate you along the way.

     Is stress holding you hostage? A chronic issue holding you back? Something acute?
We are here to help!

(We do also work with individuals with a wide range of other issues)


Start releasing whatever is holding you hostage today...

Schedule your Initial Consultation now!


These treatments offer deep relaxation, stress release, and helps align the body, mind, and soul so it is able to do what it was designed to do... heal itself!

Check out some of the things clients have said under Testimonials, read some of our newsletters, listen to radio interviews or watch TV Episodes talking about Esogetics & Colorpuncture.


Please feel free to explore our site, and when you have questions, please feel free to email or call us!


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